Maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of commercial properties.

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Maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of commercial properties.

At Kirkconnell Maintenance, we deliver what we promise. In the 28 years we have been in business, we have never been involved in a law suit nor have we had any insurance losses.

Our work is done right the first time and it endures. Let us show you a job similar to yours that has stood the test of time. We don’t plan on changing our name, or our quality of service.

We have training certifications in the following fields.

  • Concrete Deterioration and rehabilitation
  • Metal Failure Analysis
  • Matallurgy

We are fully insured and have had ZERO insurance losses in all our years of business

Our Services

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Concrete Repairs

Rebar (steel reinforcement bar) in concrete, in some circumstances, can rust. The rust product occupies more volume than steel and breaks up the concrete.

Color Matched Repairs

This Rusted rebar was repaired with Color Matched Repair mortar. We do not leave repair scars on your building.

Carbon Fiber Repairs

Structural repairs that utilize carbon fiber/epoxy composites is often the most economical.

Epoxy Injection

We have thousands of completed linear feet performing excellently in the field. Our work doesn’t leave “scars.”

Exterior Building Restoration

We have been in business for over 26 years and know what we’re talking about about when it comes to restoration.

Garage Painting

We make sure that when we fix something, we’re not destroying something else in the process.

Pressure Washing

Do you have a dirty buidling? We can clean it up. A clean building is a professional building.

Below Grade Water Proofing

By means of Injection Ports, the Chemical Grout is injected into the leaking void.

Water Proofing

Water proofing buildings and parking garages. Sealants, caulking, glazing and water plugging.


DBA, Insurance, Concrete Deterioration & Rehabilitation, Metal Failure Analysis, Metallurgy.







Metal Failure Analysis




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